A Small Foodie Community

So, the first week is gone.
The master's classes officially got started and I can't find any dark sides so far.
Impossible? Well, I'm gonna explain what I mean.

1. Every morning I wake up and this is the view from my kitchen balcony while I'm having breakfast.
Ok, rainy and foggy days are not contemplated, and I've to admit that we had just a few sunny days so far.. but, come on, I'm about to touch the mountains!

2. Even before beginning the university, my friends and I joined a few foodie events in the city, all organized by students, a way to know new people in the name of food. OF COURSE!
Jessica (my flatmate) and I went to our first Dinner Society that took place at Sebastian (from Argentina) house, just the day after her arrival. We made a tropical dinner together with Bianca, Riccardo (both from Italy), Stephan (from Guatemala) and Luis from Mexico. I don't know if I made you realize how much international the atmosphere is here in Bra.
After a few days my classmates and I went to McJam dinner: two brilliant students organized the second edition of an entire high-quality homemade menù inspired by McDonald's.

Last, but not least, we had the wonderful idea to organize a pre-master dinner at Boccondivino, the osteria founded by Carlin Petrini in 1984.
I think it was during that dinner that we all understood what is the glue between us: food passion. And it's when you feel comfortable to take pictures of every courses before eating that you know to be already a family.

Pre-master dinner
3. My master's family loves food (just to remark the concept) and we are trying to organize short study trips on our owns. An example?
The truffle kingdom AKA the International Truffle Fest held in Alba every year.
If only had been possible I would have taken a picture of the truffle smell at the entrance of the pavilion.

4. I've already told you that Bra is a small city, isn't it? Well, for some people it could sound boring, but for me meeting friends at every street corner is just exciting and lovable. There is the certainty to find them during the town market (MERCATO), intent to buy some fresh and local veggies and fruits, or at one of the three main pubs in Bra, maybe for a wine or cocktails tasting.

5. Any excuse is good to eat delicious food.
Why don't meet for a brunch at Maya and Megumi place to practice Japanese language? DONE.
Why don't join an aperitivo organized by the other master's students to welcome us? DONE.
Why don't invite a few friends to eat homemade tagliatelle with Alba's truffle? DONE.
Why don't celebrate the Thanksgiving with your classmates and eat as if it was your last day? DONE.
And if you prefer to refuse these invitations, well, you can, of course. But then here what happens: you got a 6 hours class about "cured meat". History, production's process, animal's breeds.. TASTINGS.
For the records, we HAD TO taste 14 types of salame (vegetarians and vegans are relieved), Italian and Spanish ham, mortadella, lardo and, YES, there will be an exam about it.

Megumi and Maya homemade crepes' brunch
Me kneading pasta dough for tagliatelle
Welcome Aperitivo Unisg FC16, FC17, FC18
Thanksgiving dinner (plus Cinzia the turkey)
I've just mentioned the fifth reason why I barely find a negative point in this new adventure that I might figure it out: FAT, I think I'll get fat!
Well, I guess I'll need it to face the great Piedmontese winter. 
Meanwhile I think I should also look for a gym.

Thanksgiving dinner

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