Eating is also a matter of choices.

Eating is also a matter of choices.
Thus, as consumers, whenever we go to the supermarket we have the right and the duty to be aware of what we are about to buy.
Most of the times I go to the grocery shops, I spend about 2 minutes on each product (vegetable, fruit, milk, eggs, etc.) that I wrote on my list in order to choose the right one.
What do I mean by ''right''? Since we are in Italy, I think it's fair to help my own country's economy by buying the local or national products. It's not a matter of 'Ítalian food is better and tastier', but rather a issue of supporting those producers who decided to keep working in this land, long all the production chain, regardless of the crisis and the difficulties.
It's common to find well-established Italian food companies that recently started to use raw materials come from abroad. And it's even more common to find misleading labels.

Therefore, it has been a delightful surprise discovering that one of the biggest supermarkets in a little town as Bra actually makes the consumers' life easier.
While there are people intent to choose among ready-made fresh pasta and frozen vegetables, it's possible to see clearly 'km0' labels standing in the milk, eggs, fruits and veggies sections.

One of the funniest things about these local products is the price. Comparing to the most popular ones, they are really cheap and as good as the others, sometimes even better.
Fortunately, the farm market takes place three times a week and there is a wide range of fresh products among which choose. However, it's not always possible to be free on a workday and, moreover, we end up at a big supermaket to buy also something more than fruits and vegetables. Living in a fast society, being busy and thinking that a simple consumer cannot make the difference in this money based world are just excuses not to be responsible of our own decisions.
Consumers are getting more aware about their rights and duties, but the average still includes those people who do not care about this issue. For these reasons, a supermarket that seems to protect small and local entities should inspire other department stores and make people understand that our daily food choices can save the future of a pears or milk's producer, even if it's easier to behave like the majority.

After all, oceans are made by millions and millions of small drops.

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